Kinship Rules/Code Of Conduct - A guideline to us all

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Kinship Rules/Code Of Conduct - A guideline to us all

Post  Aliko on Fri Jan 09 2009, 00:24

Kinship Rules / Code Of Conduct

General behaviour:

  1. Members, that includes all of us, are expected to to show proper manners, everything we do affects the Kinship's reputation and will reflect on how other see us all. Always try to behave with respect, consideration and kindness towards each other and people on the server.
  2. We choose to play on a RP server and should respect this fact, so always try to follow Codemasters Role Player Policy.
    Do not spam or flood public channels and avoid OOC (Out Of Context/Character) in channels not intended for OOC, examples: LFF (Looking For Fellowship) - Say - Trade - and so on. Player created channels like GlobalLFF and GlobalTrade are considered normal public channels when considering expected behaviour.
  3. The Kinship Leader and Officers will respect the opinions of all members at all times.
  4. Bad mouthing/behaivor and/or bad attitude towards ANY member or the kinship itself is strictly forbidden, and will lead to a direct removal from the kinship.
  5. If you have a complaint, take it first to that player and if you feel it is serious enough, take it to the leadership. The leadership (leader and officers) will try to resolve the issue as fairly as possible.
  6. Try to help each other out as good as you can in every way, (quests, resources etc.) but that said don't abuse this rule, we are all entitled to to choose of course. You can't expect to get help all the time you ask, people might actually be busy on some quest or other activity.
  7. Should you be in a position to offer advice to another player(s) or asking for help, do so politely and without overt arrogance, either outside a Fellowship, in one or in the kinship chat or any other chat channels.
  8. Our common language is english when we communicate , but we do welcome all nationalities.

Activity and participation:

  1. We prefer kinship members that play on a regular basis.
  2. Activity Rules are Officers 20 days and Members 60 days. If you know that you need to have a leave of absence/inactive for a longer period of time; Please give a notice in the forum or directly to the Leadership.
    (Extended absences are a reality of life and are always accepted if given proper notice)
  3. Kinship members that are removed due to inactivity may apply again for membership at any time.
  4. We encurage use of the kinship chat. It is very nice to be active but it is not enforced in anyway.
  5. Grouping with kinship members are encouraged for several reasons, you get to know the other members, learn to play together as a group, as a kinship this will probably enhance our unity socially and improve our skills.
  6. Attendance on Kinship events and meetings are encouraged but not enforced in any way.
  7. We should try to have at least one scheduled event once every other week.
  8. Reading and posting in the kinship forum is also a method of participation which we encourage.
  9. It is only the leader who can expel/remove and promote members from/in this kinship.

Recruitment and attaining kinship rank:

  1. We are always welcoming new members. Just send a tell to the leadership (Leader and Officers)
    Open recruitment - Open to all Races and levels - but without advertising In-game.
  2. Any new recruit will be encouraged to registrate on our forum and introduce yourself.
    You will obtain member rank if you participate in our meetings.
  3. Regarding officer status.If you want to be an officer. Lead effectively, work well with others, take initiative, help people, group outside the kin and be generous, kind and extremely competant. Do the things we expect of our officers, and trust us, we'll notice, and respond.
  4. Existing officers. Officers need to maintain the sorts of activities that define them as officers. Officer rank is a recognition of ongoing excellence, not a one time reward that cannot be remowed again.If inhead of an event/raid or anyother sort must that officer attend or else make a backup to take care of it.

Regarding main and alternative characters:

  1. Make a notice in you player note in the kinship window naming your main character and any alts.
  2. Alternative characters are allowed, if alts are marked properly usage of any of your characters will count as activity.
  3. Characters in other kinships are allowed as long as the activity rule and other rules is followed.

Regarding removal from the Kinship:

  1. It can happen that a member will have to be removed from the Kinship, either from ongoing behaviour problems, or single actions of sufficient magnitude, only the leader can choose to expel anyone from the kinship and anyone so expelled is not entitled to a reinvite to the kinship.
  2. People choosing to leave for other reasons are encuraged to let the kinship know the reason.
    Remember that if you have a complaint it cant be addressed unless you make it, and if you leave happy with us we still want to know where you are going.
  3. Players leaving in good standing is always considered rangers at heart and welcome back at any time.

Regarding the rules:

All this said, no one likes a rules lawyer. Things can be flexible, and nothing is entirely black and white. As a whole, Rangers of the North is a laid back, light roleplaying and mostly a casual kinship of friendly people, free of drama and petty despotism and we are here to have a good time playing the game together with others.

Leader - Rangers of the North

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